The story of Freitot begun from dark days…

Etienne Sarthou (ex-AqME, KARRAS, DELIVRANCE…) started writing the first album, then he contacted Arno Strobl (CARNIVAL IN COAL, 6:33, WADL…) for lyrics and vocals.

The duo is joined by Fabien Desgardins (ex-BENIGHTED, CinC, INFECTED SOCIETY…) on guitar with some solos.

In May 2018, Freitot released his first album on Mystyk Prod.

The album delivers an Old School Death Metal in the vein of the beginnings of Entombed and Edge Of Sanity, with some nods of Slayer!

Blast of absolute severity, riffs of overwhelming heaviness, an omnipresent groove, Shaperned solos and a voice in direct contact with the Earth’s core :

FREITOT shaves the hair while cutting the artery.

In 2019, the trio becomes a quintet for the live!

Gauthier Marc (INFECTED SOCIETY, ex-DECLINE OF HUMANITY…) arrived on bass and Julien Negro (ex-SVART CROWN…) on guitar!

After a long time, the second album is now in progress…

GET READY FOR 2023!! 🙂